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The right way of running Jenkins®

Run scalable, immutable and secure Jenkins in your organization. Now available on Azure Marketplace to get you started within minutes with a world-class CI/CD solution.
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In a nutshell


Elastic Scalability

No more waiting for available jenkins workers to run your CI/CD job. Still, you never pay for idle Jenkins workers, only for the capacity you actually use.

Configuration as Code

No more custom changes that get lost after redeploying Jenkins. No more problems with setting new environments as everything is driven by configuration stored in repo.

Security and Compliance

You start with secure defaults and hardening preventing typical security exposures.


We’ve spent months of engineering effort on preparing scalable and secure Jenkins infrastructure. Eventually we switched to Operator Service for Jenkins which solved most of our problems right away.

If you need solid, highly available and elastic Jenkins based CI/CD - do yourself a favor and start with Operator Service for Jenkins.

Radek Ostojski
Former Head of Infrastructure @ Addison Global (MoPlay)
We believe in simplicity and transparency
there is only one pricing:

Flat rate of $0.20 per hour

+ Azure infrastructure costs