Announcing the Operator Service for Jenkins® on Azure

Today we are pleased to announce the VirtusLab Operator Service for Jenkins – a fully managed cloud offering to automate the deployment of Jenkins on Azure.

The Operator Service for Jenkins on Azure is currently in private preview. We are going to move toward General Availability release early in 2021.

As for the private preview version, use the following link to sign in.

Cloud-Native CI/CD Platform

A typical setup of CI/CD infrastructure with Jenkins usually takes up to a couple of days of work, sometimes even longer depending on the complexity related to a number of external integrations, different technology stacks, some monitoring capabilities and last but not least, expertise & know-how of the infrastructure team. In reality, we have frequently seen this work being spread out over several months or even not being completely concluded at all.

Typical day 0 activities involve setting up the infrastructure, installing Jenkins and its plugins. Then day 1 type activities include patching, integration with enterprise tooling or monitoring stack setup.

With the Operator Service for Jenkins we wanted to free up engineering teams from most of the day 0 and day 1 activities and thus allowing teams to use their experience and expertise in areas that directly benefit their clients.

Operator Service for Jenkins is fully based on Cloud-Native technologies and best practices when it comes to implementation and testing.

With that vision in mind, we take the following design principles into consideration:

  • Centrally managed CI/CD platform which is audited and tested for info-sec requirements.
  • Hydration of the full Cloud-Native technology stack.
  • Moving most of the engineering effort to solve the business problems instead of focusing on the underlying CI/CD infrastructure.
  • Elasticity – ability to scale up/down infrastructure, no more oversized environments.

What Next?

One of the major challenges of building Cloud-Native CI/CD platform is to deliver the best developer experience, easy installation and integration with enterprise tooling out of the box – everything which makes the product usable from the day one. Our roadmap is full of interesting features and challenging work for our team.

We would love to hear from you, help us build a better product.

In the meantime, use the following link to sign in for a private preview.

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