We’re happy to announce that Operator Service for Jenkins® is now available on the Azure Marketplace!

We have taken another important step in our journey to make Jenkins more manageable in modern infrastructure. Thanks to full integration with Azure, the certified Operator Service is only a click away from deployment into your Azure subscription. No need to worry about setting up infrastructure because it automatically provisions itself. 

Let us assist you with your journey of running Jenkins in the simplest way possible by helping you with: 

  • an effortless deployment of a basic Jenkins instance
  • easier diagnostics with statuses and logs
  • simple management, using granular Custom Resources
  • full advantage of scalability and self-healing provided by Kubernetes
  • embedded operational knowledge of repetitive tasks
  • full git-ops style management via Helm and YAML
  • a constantly growing feature set

Don’t hesitate! Deploy the Operator directly from the Marketplace and give it a shot. For a detailed guide on the process, please refer to the official documentation.