We believe in simplicity and transparency
there is only one pricing:
20 cents/hr

Flat rate of $0.20 per hour

+ Azure infrastructure costs
  • Everything included in the basic tier, no enterprise pricing.
  • We don’t sell your data or provide any advertising.
  • No hidden fees and strings attached.
  • No upfront payments.
  • Cancel whenever you want.
On top of that we also provide a 7 days refund policy.

What are the Azure infrastructure costs?

Managed applications are built using other Azure services. Consumers of the managed applications will be charged for the consumption of the Azure services that come as part of the managed application. As part of Operator Service for Jenkins® on Azure we create the following resources: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Virtual Network (VNet), Subnet, Storage Account and Internal Standard Load Balancer.

How does the refund policy work?

Please reach out to us using the contact form.

Is premium support included as part of the standard pricing model?

For an additional support activities like feature requests, trainings or consulting CI/CD processes visit our support page.